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Measurable Better!

About Yardstick Communications

Yardstick Communications is a small Dutch company dedicated towards affordable internet design and other forms of communications.

Founded in 1999 and purposely working with just a small number of dedicated customers, we can afford to put the right amount of detail and time in each project. Rather then trying to do many projects at the same time, we concentrate on just a few and communicate frequently with our customers about their wishes and requirements.



What We Do

Yardstick Communications is your partner for fast and affordable services for the new electronic media! 

  • Web Design
  • Web Editorial Services
  • Direct Mail & Electronic News Letters
  • House Style Design
  • Web-based Surveys 


Open structure


  • All our projects are based on an open structure and standard, commercially available, software is used when possible. This allows you to do some or most of the work yourself and just use Yardstick Communications for the more specialized parts of your project.

  • Excellent language skills in Dutch and English enable customers to supply rough texts and have these corrected and enhanced before publication.

  • The same open structure will be found on the commercial side of the business; a clear quotation and no hidden cost complete with a comprehensive project plan enables you to plan everything well in advance.


Measurable Better!


"Quick, responsive and good"

"They go the extra mile and don't over-charge you..." 

"Who is interested in reading yesterday's newspaper? Yardstick can update your website quickly so the site remains up-to-date."

"Personal service, no matter what time of day"